ALUMINUM -Heavy-duty, longest lasting type of yard sign - 5+yrs. Ex., Handicap parking signs.

  Material: Classic .040 Aluminum Substrate

CORO -  Outdoor use such as real estate signs, parking signs, and election signs.  H stake compatible.

  Material: 4mm White, corrugated plastic

PVC  - Short term outdoor and long term indoor advertisements. Water-resistant. POP display compatible.

  Material: 1/8" white PVC board  

GATOR - Stronger and more heavy-duty than standard foamcore. Suitable for exhibit displays and presentations.

  Material: 3/16" or 1/2" black or white gator foam


ACRYLIC - Lightweight and easily fabricated. Weather resistant, rigid, strong and stiff. Fade resistant. 1/2" thickness.

POLYCARB - Polycarbonate has 30 times the impact strength of acrylic, 40% better thermal efficiency than glass, and lower maintenance costs. 3/16" thickness - industry standard.